A Playlist for NaNoWriMo

Music is a huge part of my creative process. It inspires me in so many ways, more so than any other creative medium. So for each novel or screenplay I write, I like to compile a playlist that I think matches the tone, feel, and story of whatever it is I’m writing, to listen to while I’m working. I listen to it at other times, too, to get the creativity flowing.

For NaNoWriMo this year, I have two projects, and so far I’ve only come up with a playlist for one (The Difference Between Flying and Falling). I’ll come up with one for the other novel I’m working on as I start writing it, as the tone for the two projects is very, very different.

I use Spotify for pretty much all of my music now (for $10 a month I get access to almost every bit of music I could ever want to listen to, plus I can use my own local music files). This particular playlist was largely derived from a playlist created by Nathan Savin Scott for Thought Catalog, titled The Prettiest Songs of All Time. I also added a lot of other songs to it, and removed a lot of songs from it, to come up with a playlist that’s got nearly 50 songs on it (much longer than any I’ve created in the past for a project).

Since I know not everyone has or wants Spotify, I’ve embedded the player below so you can all enjoy.

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