NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 12 & Another Little Excerpt

I’m still on track for NaNoWriMo this year. I’m currently sitting between 19k and 20k words, and the goal for today is 20,000. So I’ll be there in another hour or so. I have to say, and this might seem a little pompous, but I’m LOVING this book. I love where it’s going. I love the twists the characters have thrown up in my face. I love the new character who has made himself an integral part of the plot.

Sure, there are some spots that will need quite a bit of work (or that might be cut all together) for the final draft, and it needs plenty of polishing, but overall I really love it. Continue reading

A First Look at “The Great Healion Race”

Since it’s #SampleSunday over on Twitter, I decided I’d share the first part of The Great Healion Race, Book Two of The Steam and Steel Chronicles. Here are the first two scenes, which start four years after the end of the first book, Aboard the Unstoppable Aerostat Fenris (available on Nook, Smashwords, and Kindle): Continue reading

An Excerpt from Aboard the Unstoppable Aerostat Fenris

This is just a quick post to let  everyone know that I’ve added an excerpt from the first chapter of Aboard the Unstoppable Aerostat Fenris under the “Fiction Excerpts” page in the main navigation (under “Steampunk Novella”, cause the full title doesn’t fit on one line). Or you can just click here to get to it. It’s the first scene, which makes up half of the first chapter.

The novella is now completely formatted, and I’m just waiting on the artwork for the cover. My husband is doing a digital painting of part of one of the scenes (I’m not so good at digital painting, so I’m leaving that part of the design up to him). We collaborated on what the image would include, and I’ll likely be doing the text layout and such for the cover (though he keeps trying to convince me to let him do it; this is what happens when designers are married to each other).

I spent a bit of time today formatting the ebook for Kindle. I’ve still got to do the formatting for epub and Smashwords, which I’ll do over the next few days. If all goes well, the book will be out on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords by the end of this week. Stay tuned!

NaNoWriMo Day 10! And an Excerpt!

Let me just say that I’m really, really psyched about NaNoWriMo this year. It’s ten days in (1/3 of the way), and so far everything is going brilliantly.

Despite a slow start (as of Day 2 I was only at 338 words), I’m now slightly ahead of schedule, with nearly 18,500 words (I’m hoping to get to 19,000 by the end of tonight). I love my story. Not just a little bit, like A LOT.

I finally went with a steampunk love story. It’s a rewrite of my third novel, though the only thing that’s been kept the same is the main love interest (mostly) and my main character’s name. I’ve also got plans for at least one sequel, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to turn this into a series.

Here’s an excerpt. Please remember that this is a first draft, written a break-neck speed, so don’t hold it against me that it’s not perfect!

He wasn’t lying when he said the bunk was small. Isabelle didn’t take her sweater or other clothes off, simply climbed into the top bunk where it would be warmer, and covered up with the heavy wool blanket she found there. She was glad the door there had a lock on it, though she assumed Stig had a key, but at least it made her feel a bit safer. It meant she only had to worry about one person, rather than dozens or hundreds like she would have in the city streets.

The wind howled outside and she wondered if the whole hangar was going to come down on top of them. No sense worrying about it, all she could do was hope the airship would hold up if it did.

She yawned but didn’t feel tired enough to sleep yet. Her belly was full, something it hadn’t been in weeks, and she wondered if it would make her sick. Rich food like that wasn’t the best thing to put on an empty stomach. On more than one occasion she’d seen other street kids eat something rich from a dumpster or stolen from a restaurant just to puke it all up ten minutes later.

Rustling noises came from the room on the other side of her locked door, and a minute later she saw the sliver of light shining under the door go out. It took every bit of will she had to relax enough to close her eyes, but soon she was on the verge of drifting off. It was a dreamless sleep that night, and when she woke up there was light filtering under the door again, but this time it had the cool grayness of daylight.

Again, it’s just a short excerpt, but it gives a taste of what I’ve been working on.