I love to share links to sites of interest to writers. I think it’s important for writers and authors to support one another, and I do this without any concern over getting links back. None of the links here are paid. Some of the site owners are friends and acquaintances, others are simply sites I’ve come across.


A Year in the Life of Some Guy
Alice Black & White (contains mature content)
Alien Thoughts
Bee Bones and Other Words
Beyond Infinity
City Different Erotica (contains mature content)
Crossing the Helix
Greta Thain’s Writing World
Lexi Revellian
Mockingbird After Dark
My Dog Ate My Manuscript
New Notes from Underground
Painting Attics Into Cathedrals
Probably Madrid
Remittance Girl (contains mature content)
Sabina England
The Man Who Painted Agnieszka’s Shoes
The Mockingbird
Uneasy Rider – Confessions of a Reluctant Traveller (I did the interior layout for this book)

Editors, Publishers, and Writing Collectives

Cadre One Publishing (home of the Angry Ghosts series)
Editor Unleashed
Stirling Editing
Year Zero Writers (a fantastic collective of literary fiction writers)

Other Great Sites for Writers

View From the Publishing Trenches
The Millions
Absolute Write (be sure to check out their forums)

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  1. Charles said:

    I am a new writer and very new to you. Thank you for your insight in this topic.I am EXTREMELY interested in a beta writer in the stories that I am writing. but know nothing of the who, what, where, trust issues out of ignorance. I am seeking anything you have in the matter. I write fiction and alternative Christian (out of main stream.)

    June 11, 2012

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