NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 12 & Another Little Excerpt

I’m still on track for NaNoWriMo this year. I’m currently sitting between 19k and 20k words, and the goal for today is 20,000. So I’ll be there in another hour or so. I have to say, and this might seem a little pompous, but I’m LOVING this book. I love where it’s going. I love the twists the characters have thrown up in my face. I love the new character who has made himself an integral part of the plot.

Sure, there are some spots that will need quite a bit of work (or that might be cut all together) for the final draft, and it needs plenty of polishing, but overall I really love it.

On that note, I’m going to share a brief bit of description I just wrote that I really like for some reason. So just in case it gets edited out of the final draft, I thought I’d share it here. It’s just a paragraph, but description is something I always struggle with, so for me to actually like what I’ve written is rare. And I’m not going to give you any setup, because I don’t want any spoilers here, and the description stands just fine on its own. Again, this is a first draft, no editing, so please excuse any typos or awkwardness.

The swamp there was so incredibly different from the banks of the sea where he grew up, where everything was flat and open and treeless, and the wind off the water kept the air crisp and cool. This was hot, and damp, and stagnant. The air didn’t move, and everything hummed with the sounds of insects. There were untold dangers lurking in the waters, alligators for sure but other things he’d only heard whispered in back rooms in New Orleans’ less reputable establishments.

Now I need to stop procrastinating and go back to writing!

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3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 12 & Another Little Excerpt

  1. The description worked. I felt like I was there with Stig. My only thought is to nix the “so” from “The swamp there was so incredibly” it gives the piece a bit of a less serious feel. I’m not sure how to explain it.

    • Agreed. Those are the little things I end up editing out later. I tend to let myself be more verbose during NaNoWriMo just to keep my word count up!

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