Hold My Hand is Now Available!

Just an update to let everyone know that Hold My Hand is now available in ebook form on Amazon (including the UK), Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. The price for right now is $2.99, but I plan on raising that at some point in the future (like early winter) to $4.99. I’ll also be putting out a paperback version sometime this fall. It’s women’s fiction, and completely different from The Steam and Steel Chronicles.

Here’s the blurb for Hold My Hand:

After finding out her husband is having an affair, Leilah flees to the comfort of her grandmother’s house, where she discovers she’s pregnant.

Hopes of reconciliation evaporate when Leilah’s husband accuses her of using the pregnancy to trap him in their failed marriage.

Leilah—jobless, husbandless, and still living with her Gran—reluctantly chooses to have an abortion. When complications arise, it’s Hank, Gran’s good-looking neighbor, who rushes her to the hospital.

It’s the start of a friendship Leilah hadn’t expected, and isn’t sure she’s ready for—especially when her feelings for Hank start pushing the limits of “friendship.”

Out of the blue, her husband reappears. Even though he’s a bastard (in Gran’s opinion, anyway), Leilah isn’t sure she’s ready to just throw everything away.

She struggles to reconcile the life she wanted, with the life that’s been forced on her.

Or maybe it’s the other way around…

You can also find it on Goodreads. If you read it, I’d really appreciate an honest review, either on Goodreads or wherever you purchased it!