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Every day we hear new stories about the future of publishing. It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that the big corporate publishers (often referred to as the “big 6”) are having a hard time. Small, independent publishers are folding. And everyone’s wondering what the future will bring, and whether publishing as it is currently known will survive.

I honestly couldn’t tell you. I think that publishers who are well established in specific niches have a better chance than generalists, but that’s all just speculation. I’d rather discuss something that’s a bit more specific. Read More Is Short the Future of Publishing?


I was talking to a friend on Facebook the other day and he mentioned something about how I knew all these great resources online for writers. I have a tendency to forget that not every writer out there knows a lot about the resources the internet has to offer them. I work online on a daily basis, constantly looking up new resources for one project or another, and come across new tools all the time.

So I’m going to attempt to put together all the best resources I’ve found useful into a single reference guide for fiction writers. I’ve scoured my Google Bookmarks to come up with this list. If you have other tools you’ve found useful that aren’t included here, please share them in the comments! Read More Online Resources for Fiction Writers


Craft Fiction

I can’t believe it’s already almost November. (Where did summer go? And is Christmas really just over two months away? AH!) And of course, November means National Novel Writing Month,…

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Craft Fiction

So, the 3-Day Novel Contest was a complete failure for me. Mainly because I just didn’t bother putting much effort into it. Holiday weekends are just not the best time…

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This is going to be another short one. On a personal note, my freelance writing has really picked up recently, with three new inquiries in the past couple of week…

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