Transparency in Indie Publishing, Month 7

So, here we are at the end of month seven! Not much in the way of promotion this month, other than discounting the second novella in The Steam and Steel Chronicles to $.99 through Labor Day. I’m honestly considering leaving it at that price, though I haven’t made up my mind for sure yet.

Aboard the Unstoppable Aerostat Fenris

  • Amazon US: 80 (last month was 72)
  • Amazon UK: 6 (last month was 3)
  • Barnes & Noble: 10 (last month was 10)
  • Smashwords: 0 (last month was 0)
  • TOTAL: 96 (last month was 85)

The Great Healion Race

  • Amazon US: 49 (last month was 27)
  • Amazon UK: 4 (last month was 2)
  • Barnes & Noble: 5 (last month was 4)
  • Smashwords: 0 (last month was 0)
  • TOTAL: 58 (last month was 31)

Total sales for the month equalled 154, compared to last month’s 118. So that was a nice jump from last month, where sales were almost stagnant. The total now sits at just under 600 books sold in seven months.

I also released Hold My Hand this month, and so far sales have been less-than-stellar. But I’ve only just started marketing it, and have a couple of book reviews pending. That went on sale for $.99 through Labor Day, too, but I think I’m going to bump it up to $4.99 after Monday.

ETA: I forgot to mention that I have gotten some promotion from Steampunk Kindle this month since I discounted The Steam and Steel Chronicles. I’m sure that’s contributed to my sales!

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