Transparency in Indie Publishing, Month 8

So this is a few days late because I’ve been dealing with some family stuff for the past 10 days or so (father in law ended up in the hospital and had to have emergency surgery last week, but he’s coming home today). I’ve also decided that I’m only going to do these posts through the 12-month mark, though I may do occasional sales updates after that. This is partially because I see next year being very, very busy for me, and also because I’m trying to be less obsessed with my sales numbers.

But anyway, sales are down slightly from last month (they would have been almost equal if there had been 31 days in the month rather than 30). Here’s the breakdown:

Aboard the Unstoppable Aerostat Fenris

  • Amazon US: 69 (last month was 80)
  • Amazon UK: 4 (last month was 6)
  • Barnes & Noble: 16 (last month was 10)
  • Smashwords: 1 (last month was 0)
  • TOTAL: 90 (last month was 96)

The Great Healion Race

  • Amazon US: 49 (last month was 49)
  • Amazon UK: 4 (last month was 4)
  • Barnes & Noble: 4 (last month was 5)
  • Smashwords: 1 (last month was 0)
  • TOTAL: 58 (last month was 58)

Total sales for the month equalled 148, compared to last month’s 154. So it’s a small drop, but if there had been an additional day in the month, sales would likely have hit 153, almost exactly on par with the last month. As it stands, it’s less than a 4% drop. I’m hoping that the new Kindle pricing and models will increase sales through the rest of this year, as more people start reading ebooks. I’m also happy with the increase in my Barnes & Noble sales, which were up 33% last month.

I’m not discouraged, as a 4% drop isn’t significant enough to make me worry. If it continues to drop, then I’ll start worrying…

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2 thoughts on “Transparency in Indie Publishing, Month 8

    • It depends on which way you figure it. Since we’re talking about a drop, I figured it based on last month’s numbers, rather than this month’s.

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