Visual Writing Prompt #102

Visual stimulation can be a great way to get your creative gears turning. That’s one reason I love looking through photos when I’m brainstorming new story ideas. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’ll be posting an image to help inspire other writers.

If you’d like to share what the image below inspires you to write, please do so in the comments!

A couple of basic ground rules for submitting your work. Please, nothing derogatory or defamatory about any person, living or dead. Also, please keep your writing samples PG-13 rated. I reserve the right to remove comments that I don’t find appropriate for the site or that I deem may be potentially offensive.

Photo by chalkie_colour_circles, via Flickr

Photo by chalkie_colour_circles, via Flickr

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2 thoughts on “Visual Writing Prompt #102

  1. I’m new to your site but I’m in love with it already. Part of the problem I have is making my writing feel “old” in certain instances, like when I need to discuss something in a historical context. As a graphic designer I’m of course a visual person; I see movie clips and then write the story.

    This image is great because it calls up old Europe. The gabled house, the canal, it’s just what I need today.

    I’m writing a horror-thriller, BTW.

    • I know exactly what you mean about seeing movie clips and then writing the story. I do the same thing! It doesn’t help that I tried writing screenplays years before I attempted my first novel.

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