Weekly News Roundup for June 5th

This week’s news roundup is going to cover two weeks since, in case you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t post anything last Friday. Oops.

Publishing Renaissance had a great post titled “Does Indie Nation Have Talent?” I’ll let you read it for the answer.

Wired Magazine has a great article on The Future of Reading in a Digital World. It’s time for writers and publishers to stop thinking about the future of publishing and start thinking about the future of reading. There’s some great stuff in there that might be of particular interest to indie authors and publishers.

Another great post from Publishing Renaissance was this one: Why self-published music sux. It’s a great bit of satire comparing the indie music industry to indie publishing and definitely worth a read. There’s a lot of truth to it and it definitely makes you sit back and think.

And in case you hadn’t heard, Google is getting into the eBook publishing business: MediaPost Publications Google eBook Deal Could Provide Interaction With Ads.

On a personal note, I’m finally getting ahead on all of my assignments! This is good, as it means I’m not having to work until all hours of the night to avoid missing deadlines. My number one tip for aspiring writers: don’t work too much! Schedule your time and don’t over-commit. There’s nothing like looming deadlines and no clue as to how to meet them to take the fun out of writing!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly News Roundup for June 5th

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgment of my “Does Indie Nation Have Talent?”, but as you can see, it’s no longer available. Perhaps it will appear elsewhere online soon, but for now, it’s gone.

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