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A bit about myself is probably in order, seeing as this is a completely new blog. I’ve been blogging for about two and a half years now. I started on my own blog, GreenStyle Magazine back in July of 2006. It’s still around, though currently on hiatus right now. In 2007 I started writing semi-regularly for Mashable, the 8th most popular blog out there and the most popular blog focusing on social media. And recently I’ve started writing for Smashing Magazine. You can see more of my writing on my portfolio page.

Photo by Silence Of Night, via Flickr

Photo by Silence Of Night, via Flickr

This blog is going to focus primarily on writing and publishing. I’ve written five novels, all in various stages of rewrites at this point, as well as two screenplays (unsold) and various poetry (really horrible and will never see the light of day). I’m currently working on my first book-length non-fiction project, which I plan to self-publish within the next few months. Details of this project will be forthcoming and progress will be reported regularly. In addition to posting about my own writing trials and tribulations, I’ll be offering up writing prompts and discussions of the craft of writing and the business of publishing.

I plan on posting on a daily basis, with a regular schedule of writing prompts (though these will not be the standard “write about an early childhood experience” or “once upon a time…”). An upcoming post will detail that schedule. You can expect regular progress reports and at least one article on publishing and one on craft each week. On occasion I may also post parts of various works-in-progress for your entertainment (and feedback if you’d like to offer it).

So sit back with some tea (or wine) and put your feet up. Enjoy yourself, offer some feedback, tell me I’m crazy (I probably am), or I’m a hack (also a possibility), and have a good laugh.

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  1. Love your new site, Cameron. Looks so snazzy, I want to curl up and dive into the goodies! Will subscribe, and hopefully get away from Authonomy long enough to read more–agh!

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