Writing Again

Just taking a minute for a quick update. The third and fourth Steam and Steel Chronicles novellas are currently with my beta reader. She’s usually really quick with notes for me, so I may start with revisions on them later this week. Still no idea what the titles will be, but I’ll post here when I come up with them.

I’m working on an urban fantasy novel I started last year. I had about 25,000 words done on it, mostly just bits and pieces of scenes. And then I got distracted with other things and dropped it, though always with the intention to go back and finish it. So I’m going to try to finish it soon. It will be the start of a loose series I’m working on, with books all set in the same world, and possibly with some reoccurring characters. I have one other book planned for sure, but it’s going to be a big world, so there will be a lot of room for new stories in the future.

I’m also getting ready to launch a new blog. It’s something I’ve been toying with for quite some time, I think since early last year. This one will be focused on blogging, specifically on creating great content, rather than on the technical or monetary aspects of running a blog. I’m trying to get at least two months of content written and scheduled before I launch, so that I can focus on promotion for awhile rather than new content. Plus, with my crazy schedule, I can’t depend on creating new content.

I’m not going to lie—writing is incredibly difficult for me right now. Non-fiction, aka My Day Job, is coming back to me slowly. I’m getting back in the groove of it. But fiction is like pulling teeth. And I feel like everything I write is crap. Hopefully as my personal life calms down a bit, that will change. Unfortunately, I have no idea when “calm” will even begin to reappear in my life. Maybe editing my two novellas will help get me back in the right headspace for writing fiction again. Fingers crossed!

Sales for my novellas have been pretty steady for the past two months, surprising since I’ve been largely absent from social media, other than my personal Facebook account (and I’ve been way less active on that even). I had expected to see a drop, but that doesn’t really seem to be happening. And it’s now been over a year since the first book came out! I’ll sit down and add up the numbers for it one of these days and post them.

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