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Are you an entrepreneur who’s started writing a nonfiction book…but you’re not sure if it’s even worth finishing? You’ve come to the right place!

Writing a book is one of the most powerful ways to solidify your credibility with potential clients! And the first few pages are critical. If you don’t nail those pages, you’ll lose potential readers (and the opportunities they can present).

I’m giving away 5 FREE manuscript reviews (the first five pages) to give entrepreneurs insight into how you should proceed with your book idea so that you can stop chasing that next client and have them come to YOU.

You’ll just upload your first five pages to Google Drive or Dropbox and then share the link with me (don’t worry, I’ll never share what you’ve written without your express permission). Be sure your privacy settings allow me to see the document!

Entry deadline is August 10, 2020.

Giveaway winners will be notified by August 15th and given the opportunity to hop on a 15-minute call with me to talk about your book and get my honest insights so that you can stop constantly feeling like you need to prove your expertise!

Why would you want me to review your manuscript?

Hi there! I’m Cameron Chapman. I’ve been writing professionally for nearly 15 years, with thousands of articles and newsletters read by millions of people all over the world. I’ve also published four nonfiction books (two of those were self-published and two were published with major traditional publishers) and had chapters included in around half a dozen others. My first book, about social media marketing (written way back in 2009 when that was still barely even a thing) landed me a TV interview, and subsequent books have gotten me countless clients and even full-time jobs. Clients come to me—I haven’t had to seek out a new client in years!

On top of all that, I’ve been an editor for a handful of major online publications, so I’m an expert at helping new writers make their writing sparkle. And it’s one of the things I LOVE to do most!

Cameron Chapman

A few rules:

– This giveaway is for nonfiction books only.
– Although you can submit as many pages as you wish, I can only promise to review the first 5 pages of your document. (There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there looking for my feedback!)
– Feel free to include a one-page summary or outline of the rest of the book (this doesn’t count toward your five pages).
– I know you’re going to want to tweak this before sending it to me — and that’s great — but be sure you don’t miss the deadline of August 10th @ 5pm Eastern!